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About Role-Tation

Founded in 2010 by Mike Lyons, Role-tation offers a collective of services, both on and off the court, ranging from private coaching for pro and collegiate basketball players, to basketball camp development, through to basketball related consultancy.

A fusion of “role” and “rotation” Role-tation’s meaning is inspired by the idea of being a star in your role. 

Since it’s conception, the team at Role-tation have celebrated numerous successes. Through its coaching vertical, the company has trained NBA players and nurtured emerging talent, and through its youth camp and consultancy channels has developed and hosted basketball camps on behalf of NBA and WNBA Talent across the nation.

At the heart of the organization the aim is to foster sport at all levels by focusing on the individual player, the team as a whole, and the communities which they represent.

With unrivaled expertise and experience, the company continues to expand its influence, and has ambitions to have international impact. 

Each player on the court has something they are great at, and should be empowered to take that skill and master it. Having a good team is about two things 1) How the team comes together and 2) encouraging each player to perform in their role and maximize their capacity in that role.

It’s important for players to practice and fine tune all skills, but also to accept their role on the team and embrace the fact that on each team their role may be different. This requires buy - in and sacrifice. Agreeing to do the dirty work, the repetitive tasks, and the jobs that aren’t so glamorous, can prove to be a challenge. But the best teams all find a way to put aside their personal agendas. 

I always say; be a star in your role, stay in the rotation.
- Mike Lyons, Founder & CEO


On the court:

Growing up in Georgia, Mike’s earliest memories include basketball. His love for the game was instant, playing every chance he got, and this passion for the sport has been a constant throughout his life.

Mike is a former all american guard, who played basketball at the D1 level while working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduating he moved on to play basketball professionally for five years in the Euro League where he was recognized as a versatile guard able to play multiple positions. 

Mike was known to be a great defender, with exceptional ball-handling skills, and a natural leadership ability. While playing in Europe, Mike worked towards his Masters of Sports Management.

Off the court:

Mike began his coaching career working as an assistant coach and athletic director in Washington D.C. for several years before following his entrepreneurial spirit and branching off to build Role-tation. 

Through Role-tation, Mike has worked closely with a number of accomplished athletes at all levels, including James White (Rockets, Knicks), Larry Blair (NBA hopeful, Euro League), Jack McClinton (Spurs) to name a few. His unique approach and customized program, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of the athlete, has been recognized as game-changing by those who he has coached.  

An entrepreneurial spirit, Mike has fused his love for basketball with his experience, education and expertise, and continues to grow Role-Tation into an organization with international reach.